About Us

About Elitech LLC

Elitech LLC is your local Milwaukee appliance and television repair specialist. We offer repairs for all home appliances and television repair and do warranty work for LG appliances. We offer the best in quality customer service and efficiency in getting your appliances fixed. We want your appliances to be there to work for you. We enjoy giving new life to serviceable equipment, saving customers valuable time and money. We pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of many different appliances and televisions. Enjoy honest, straightforward customer service when having your appliance and/ or television repaired with Elitech LLC. We are a repair company only and do not do installs of new appliances.

About the Owner

Upon encouragement from several long-standing customers, Patrick Kaiser started Elitech LLC five years ago. While working as a technician for another company for five years, several customers kept encouraging Patrick to start his own business. His customers loved his service and wanted to work with him directly. From this, the family-owned business was born on the integrity of good customer service. He believes in providing the highest quality of service at reasonable rates with a focus on completing calls in a timely manner.