TV Repair

Televisions are a big home investment. Before replacing your broken television, call the expert TV repairmen at Elitech LLC. We will fix most major brands, including Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Insignia, LG, Toshiba, and Panasonic.

We service most flat panel televisions, including:

  • Plasma
  • LCD
  • LED
  • Smart TVs
  • 3D

Why repair your television?

Cost savings that matter to you. Televisions can be an expensive home appliance. When your home television breaks, your first impulse might be to purchase a new television, but often this is not the cheapest option for you. Instead, call our office at Elitech LLC to schedule a diagnostic and repair for your television to save you the money and the stress of buying a new one.

Less Hassle. Besides saving yourself money, repairing your television will decrease your stress level by preventing you from having to uninstall a broken television and reinstall a new television. Instead, by repairing your television on-site you won’t have to worry about the fuss and muss of replacing your television.

Get more miles out of your television. By extending the life of your television you will get more value out of your purchase, saving you more money over the long run.